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Courses Offered by Anne


These courses are offered in person and through distant courses.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Anne is a Certified Reiki Grand Master Teacher (Level 18), and is a Certified Master Teacher and Practitioner in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki - This is the foundation for all other types of Reiki. It has been purported to be originally ancient Tibetan or even older.


It was re-discovered by a Japanese fellow named Dr Mikao Usui about a century ago and brought back to the world. Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki means Usui System of Natural Healing.


Course Prices:

Level 1          $150.00 + GST

Level 2          $200.00 + GST

Level 3          $250.00 + GST

Tachyon Reiki

Everything evolves/comes from Tachyon. It creates balance when close to disharmony and perfect form is encoded in it.


Though it is not a form of healing itself, Tachyon speeds up  forms of healing. When empowered by Tachyon, the body produces its own healing effects.


Tachyon is higher level pure energy from zero point that vibrates  beyond the speed of light.


Tachyon energy is a way of achieving complete attunement with All That
Is. Taking into account that everything exists in an energetic continuum, health simply means being a superconductor, to be a
free-flowing wire of life intelligence emerging out of the Zero Point energy.


Course Price:

$50.00 + GST

Kundalini Reiki

Used for rectifying situations, healing karmic bonds, and helping those who wish to raise Kundalini Energy.


The Root Chakra is the bodies energy centre situated near the coccyx. The Kundalini energy gains access to the body at this point.

Kundalini energy is also known as ‘the Kundalini Fire’.


The body's energy channel runs from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra situated on the top of the head. By opening the Kundalini a complete cleansing of the body and chakras is acquired over a period of time.


At this time of change in our world, Master Kuthumi will come to those who seek world knowledge to use for the good of all. There are 3 levels to Kundalini Reiki.


Course Price:

$100.00 + GST

Gold Reiki


It transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy! It’s great for phobias and anxieties. Gold Reiki also helps with Acid Reflux in infants. It is great for children, teens, and even adults at exam time!


Course Price:

$50.00 + GST

Material and Ethereal Crystals


Ethereal crystals are actually stronger than those found on earth, but have the same properties. The difference is that they don’t fall off, and that one is actually attuned to several of them. The ethereal crystals continue to do their work long after a treatment, until heir work is done.


This course delves into both material and ethereal crystals, how they were used in Atlantis, crystal skulls, and several other interesting subjects.


The student receives a certificate for the ethereal crystals part of the course.


Course Price:

$150.00 + GST

Lemurian Starseed Crystals 1-4


In Lemuria, Crystals were used for many things, including building bridges and homes, heating water, Spiritual healing, & dissolving Karmic strands.


Today, they are also used to develop the light body and unify the soul.


In the course we delve into all of this and more!


Course Price:

$100.00 + GST


Take Material and Ethereal Crystals and Lemurian Starseed Crystals 1-4 together for:

$200 + GST


Multidimensional Healing


This is all about being totally in the here and now as the glorious being that you are - now!


Love withoutconditions. Respect all of life! Experience and step into the Truth of Freedom, no limitations.


The methods and energies of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing were given to humanity several years ago by St. Germain in a channeling - to John Armitage, also known as Dr. Hari Das.


Shamballa MDH is a type of energy healing similar to Reiki, yet much stronger. It has been called "The Complete System of Reiki" because it includes 352 symbols in the entirety, not all of which have yet been channeled.


It can be used as a stand alone form of healing, or to boost or work in conjunction with other types.


John Armitage/Hari Das Melchizedek, states, "Shamballa is the collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters. it is a resonance which can be reached just like Atlantis and Lemuria.


The preparatory work has been done within the Earth Templates to hold the Shamballa [MDH] frequency and the time is now to open up the crystalline matrices within the human energy field to receive this frequency."


Course Prices:

Level 1          $100.00 + GST

Level 2          $100.00 + GST

Level 3          $100.00 + GST

Level 4          $100.00 + GST


Courses are usually taught in pairs, levels one and two at once, and levels three and four at once.

DNA For Success

Ethereal Flowers


Just like material flowers, Ethereal Flowers have properties that help various ailments, for instance, willow helps with self-pity and resentment, while star of Bethlehem helps with grief or shock.


Course Price:


Ama Deus Shamanic Healing


Ama Deus is an energy healing technique that has been used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani (pronounced Gau ra nee) Indians who live deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil. They are the Indians featured in the movie 'The Mission', and are one of the oldest cultures still in existence in the world today.


As the Guarani have always lived very close to nature, it's easy to understand how their environment has influenced their spiritual methodology, resulting in a simple but extremely effective shamanic language.


Course Price:          $100.00 + GST

Lunar Reiki – This is more feminine oriented. Helps connect with the energies of the moon, aiding fertility, monthly cycles, Endometriosis, weight control, depression, emotional issues, and guidance.


Dolphin Heart Reiki – This truly connects heart, mind, and soul back to ancient rhymes and times. It activates your High Heart Chakra.


Dolphins of Atlantis – For healing beings and Gaia herself. Special meditations are also taught to the Practitioner. It is a wonderful energy!

Courses to do with Ascended Masters
(Other than SMDH)


St Germain 7th Dimensional Initiation and Ascended Masters Connection Link—These enhance Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, as in these modalities the Ascended Masters work through us to assist you.




Compassion and Gifts of Goddess Kuan Yin - The energies of this attunement help with compassion and forgiveness, as well as the blessings of abundance.




Diamond Ray of Quan Yin - stores a flame of Divine Mother for the blessing of people of all worlds and radiates the qualities of mercy, pardon, and compassion to evolutions of the Earth.




Kuan Yin Blessings - In this system, we work with the gifts of compassion; empathy, forgiveness, and love.




Kuan Yin Attunements 1-7 - the energy gives you a deep connection to the loving and compassionate heart of Kuan Yin as well in her abilities of magnified healing.




Kwan Yin Initiation – Part of Lightworker Ascended Master Initiations, therefore also enhances SMDH.




Responsive Nadi Renewal – This brings you the cleansing energy of Quan Yin’s Lavender Rose Flame Reiki and the fulfilling energy of Shamballa MDH or Higher energy.




Quan Yin's Lavender Flame Healing – The energy has been described as pure 5th dimensional energy that has not been toned down.




Kwan Yin's Opalescent Flame - Kwan Yin's magnified energies of healing activate powerfulself-healing and balancing. Each person will balance and heal in alignment with their highest good.




Violet Flame Reiki – A 40 symbol form of Reiki given by Quan Yin to the world, ever changing, ever transforming.


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