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House Clearing


There are various reasons that someone might need a house clearing:


  • The house feels eerie or heavy.

  • You would like to start the new year off right.

  • You would like to clear any old energy out to make room for the new positive energy coming in.

  • You have had physical things happen in your house like feeling like you have been pushed.

  • Books start flying off shelves.

  • You can feel a presence.

  • Your animals keep looking up and staring.

  • Someone has died in the house.

  • Kids won't go near certain areas or rooms in the house.

  • Animals suddenly bolt for no apparent reason.

  • You hear noises that are not explainable.

  • Lights flicker on and off (My sister does this on purpose at my nephew's place to show him that she is ok and still around),  or electrical appliances, computers, cell phones, etc turn on by themselves for no apparent reason.

  • You have just had a baby and wish to protect him/her from any malevolent spirits that might be around, and make things positive in the environment that the child grows up in.

  • You have just moved into a new house (At least new to you).


There is a difference between benevolent and malevolent spirits. Benevolent spirits (Like my sister), do not wish to harm anyone. They usually come with love intention. Malevolent spirits can do harm. The first thing I do is establish what kind of spirits the house has in it, if any. 


For instance, if someone had moved into a house at one time and let's say a chain was half in a box that they were carrying and half out and scraped the floor as they walked, the water in the bricks would record the sound and play it back the next day, the next year, ten years from then, or maybe even centuries from that time! The sound is real, just not current.


I also help people to make their home a great environment that wards off negative entities and energies in the future.


Prices start at $60 and up, depending on several criteria.



Business Clearing

Business Clearing

Just like houses, businesses can have spirits who have taken up residence there. Negative energy can block prosperity. Several things can be done to help the business succeed.


Clearing the building is a good way to start. Making it a positive environment for your clients is very important.

I have cleared several businesses, including but not limited to meat markets, healing centers, crystal shops, antique shops and second hand shops.


Prices for clearing businesses start at $150 and again are depending on several criteria.

I have been clearing places for a long time. I use smudging, Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, and energy from the central (Galactic) sun, as well as other things and methods, to clear entities and/or energies out of places and send it/them where they belong.

Tarot/Oracle/Medicine Cards/Runes

Land Clearing

Ever take a walk in your fields and certain areas or fields seem heavy, eerie, or creepy? Are certain areas not growing much for crops? Do you have a stream, brook, or creek on your property that seems like it is not right? Would you drink water out of it? (even filtered).


If the answer is no, then you may have negative energies or entities around. Sometimes people obliviously live on properties that have been say an ancient native burial ground or cemetary in the past. 


I remember when I lived in Field BC. I lived there in the early 2000's for 6 months in the winter time when I worked for Skiing Louise (Now called Resorts of the Canadian Rockies) driving bus, running heavy equipment, and driving truck. I lived in the second highest house in the town, on the side of a mountain overlooking the town.


One day a friend and I went for a walk  up the mountain road that I lived on. About 800 steps up the road we came across the cemetary. The gate was at the other end and not facing the road so we had to walk in through 2 feet of snow.


I asked my friend to stay outside the gate and hold a clipboard and pen and to write down anything strange or weird that she noticed.


I then reverendly opened the gate and asked the spirits if it was okay for me to enter. I felt that it was fine for me to do it.


I was careful not to step on any graves. I brushed the snow off the headstones and markers. I read the years and other information that were etched in, and to my surprise I saw that there were a lot of deaths between 1915 and 1920.


I decided at one point to stand in the middle of the cemetary and ground and feel the energies. I asked the spirits if that was alright. I felt that their answer was yes so I continued. I spread my arms out and decided to just be and feel.


After just over a minute I felt a spirit brush my back. It didn't feel bad or anything. Less than a minute later I saw my friend walking backwards along the road, heading back in the direction of the house, her eyes wide open, a shocked look on her face, her arms out and moving in sync with her feet. No clipboard or pen were in her hands.


I finished what I was doing, thanked the spirits, reverendly closed the gate, picked up my to go mug and found my clipboaard and pen that were now strewn on the snow. Then I caught up to my friend. I asked her what had happened and she said that she would tell me after we got back to my house. She was still shaking.


When we got to the house she said that when she was watching me and I got to the center of the cemetary and stretched my arms out, she heard a noise off to her left in the forrest. It sounded to her like talking and laughing. (No one lives up there. There was a shale mine on the other side of the mountain but it wasn't in use). 


As she turned her head to see where that was coming from, she saw through the side of her eye a spirit brush my back. She said as soon as that happened she threw the pen and clipboard down and was out of there!!!

Later I read a book on ghosts in BC. Field was mentioned. In the book they stated that Field has some of the most drastic weather in all of Canada, and that the people who lived there had such strong will to survive that their spirits carried on there long after they passed.


One Reiki Master talked about his hands buzzing when he was there. Someone  stated that he wasn't allowed by the spirits into the cemetary. He felt like there was a wall there.


Every day when I drove the bus down to Field from Lake Louise my hands started to tingle half way down Spiral Tunnels Hill and sometimes my whole body too. It didn't stop until the next morning half way up the hill, driving to work.


As a Reiki Master I realized that the tingling was spirits drawing energy through me. I researched and found out that between 1915 and 1920 or so, Field contained a Ukrainian work camp. There was an epidemic there and several people, mostly children, died. There was a space in deaths between then and somewhere in the 1950's where I didn't see any deaths.


Quite the experience!

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