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This is with the real Wild Polio. So there was a .1% mortality rate before vaccines. 


Note that wild Polio (not a vaccine) virus only accounted for, at the highest, 1934 Polio Cases, 0 in 2012. Acute Flaccid Paralysis, (caused by vaccines) accounted for up to 60,922 cases, that particular figure also being in 2012.

So sometimes when people get the real thing it helps the body to protect from other sometimes even more deadly things.

Two words:

  • Chemotherapy


  • Radiation 

More honestly put, Angiograms are about $1,000.00 USD each, a million of them are done per year, and they are wrong 78% of the time. Let me process this,  a billion dollars a year charged for something that is wrong 78% of the time.

Before Reiki treatments on ears. 0-25 is the best hearing. I was offered to wear 2 hearing aids at the time.There was nothing under 30 for either ear.

After several Reiki treatments. I had thrown my hearing aids away over 3 years previous to the after hearing tests. Again, 0-25 is the best hearing range. Here there is nothing over a 10.

Your energy system runs, among other things, your organs. Physical manifestation is the last manifestation of disease. By then it has already passed spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. Reiki unblocks your energetic system, balances it, relaxes you, and boosts your immune system so it is easier to fight off disease. It de-stresses you, brings you from Beta, to alpha, to theta, to verging on delta brain waves even better then meditation, and increases your capacity to heal yourself.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Upper Respiratory Infection actually at 9 days old. Here it shows Roseola and that I was actually prescribed, as a 6 month old baby, among other things, Coca Cola, and 6 tablespoons of sugar in 20 oz of water per day. I shudder to think about it. Because of Reiki and other energy healing methods, I haven't had a cold or flu since 1995, 5 years before I learned it myself and began daily self treatments.


The Great American Fraud

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