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Aura Bliss Mag is for pain. It not only helps to ease the pain, but if applied frequently with intent, is geared to heal at the source as well. The difference between Aura Bliss and Aura Bliss Mag is that the new formula contains magnesium as well as all the other wonderful ingredients!


Authorities on the subject say that 80% of people are magnesium deficient.

Magnesium assists with hundreds of enzymatic processes in the body and

other functions as well (including but not limited to pain, sleep issues, the

body’s utilization of vitamins and minerals (including calcium), etc.), and

deficiencies lead to all sorts of health issues.


A suggestion is to apply it on any painful area before bedtime and ask that it

heal at the source. It also aids in the prevention of Charlie horses and restless

leg syndrome, as well as aiding in restful sleep.


Aura Bliss Mag Cream (For Pain)

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