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November Is Here!

Wow! Lots has been going on in my life and the lives of those around me lately!

First, I have heard that we have until near the end of next year (2017) to get prepared for moving into the fifth dimension entirely! What an exciting time!

The fifth dimension as I understand it is overlaid over top of the third. By the end of next year be prepared by raising your vibration in several ways. The Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, and Energy from the Central (Galactic) Sun that I channel all help to raise one's vibration. But don't stop there! I have been talking to my clients lately about their diet in relation to their health, but also in relation to the state of their vibration.

Living foods like alfalfa and other sprouts, organic foods, clean fresh water from non-fluoridated and non-chlorinated sources, foods and even coffees, chocolate, and other consumed goods that are fair trade-sourced, all help us to raise our vibration.

Yoga, meditation, healing sounds, conscious breathing, the list goes on!

Something that has come to the forefront in this lifetime are feelings of unworthiness that stem back to Atlantis. There, Saint Germain, myself, and several other people (we were known as the Inspirers) were working hard to try and help as many people of low vibration as possible to raise their vibration so they could ascend with the others (with their bodies) before the water came in. In order to do that, we needed, at that time, a certain crystal, certain chemicals, and the energy (Shamballa Multidimensional Healing was actually channeled back then and initiated by Saint Germain). Someone inadvertently told the "wrong" people and those people stole the crystal, stopping us in our tracks.

What resulted was potentially millions of people, all feeling as if we deemed them unworthy to raise their vibration and help them to ascend.

It doesn't matter that we did not deem them/you unworthy. It matters that they/you feel that way, and that the results have been dragged into this lifetime. I am here to tell you that you are not unworthy. We are faced with a similar experience now, except that a crystal and chemicals are no longer needed. The urgency is present. We only have just over a year.

I can help you!

A certain treatment that I do can help you release your feelings of unworthiness and then you can move forward, raising your vibration and ascending to the fifth dimension along with Gaia (Mother Earth). Book soon!

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