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Tree and Bubble

I copied one of my old blogs to this more recent one so that people can find it easier. Here it is:

The tree and bubble starts with you standing with your feet about shoulder width apart, with your hands out a bit and your fingers spread out like tree branches. Then picture a beautiful golden light coming down from the universe into your crown chakra and filling you entirely up.

Then picture it going down through your roots, through the earth, to the center of the earth and filling it up. Anything left over, picture it coming back up though the earth, through your roots, and filling you up again, only this time picture it making a beautiful golden bubble around you.

Anything left over picture going back to the universe. Put intent into the beautiful golden bubble that anything that is negative that hits it is transmuted to positive. Then snap your fingers and say “Locked in!” You are now good for the day.

It is best done first thing in the morning before you see or talk to anyone. It stops negativity, changes it to positivity, and protects your solar plexus chakra, thereby stopping you from holding in other people’s “stuff” and creating blockages, and protects you from other people sucking your energy.


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