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Healing at the Source!

Healing at the Source!


I live in Mayland Heights. Reiki and the other healing arts that I do help to unblock and balance your energy so that your organs work the way they are supposed to. It has helped me very much. I used to have arthritis from about 1978 to over 16 years ago when I learned this energy work. My hands were gnarling up like my Mom's. My knuckles were bulbous. I was in a lot of pain. I didn't work on my hands. I worked on my liver and have been arthritis free for 16 years.

I was deaf as a child. I had 5% hearing in one ear and none in the other. Ear nose and throat specialists got my hearing to 35% hearing loss in one ear and 30% hearing loss in the other and handed me two hearing aids, which I wore for years (They told me that my hearing would never get better, only worse). After a while of treating my ears I threw away the hearing aids. I had my ears tested again and I am in the top 5% of hearing in both ears. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1993. I suffered with it in both intestines for 7 years until 2000 when I learned Reiki. At that time I was on 9 Asacol pills (anti-inflammatories) and a couple of Prednisone (steroids) per day. I have been Crohn's free for 16 years also.

I have gone from a total of 22 pills a day to 2. (Working on that). Personally I have also lost over 60 lbs! One of my distance clients lost altogether 95 lbs, dropped some meds by 50% and some by 75%! I have treated people up to 6,000 miles away. It's not my energy, but energy channeled through me. Reiki works spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Actually physical is the last manifestation of dis-ease. There is so much more! I also sell several creams and blended oils to help with various issues.

Here are some testimonials:

I met Anne, a few weeks ago at the Body Soul Spirit expo in Calgary, I have done Reiki before, but I never have met someone who was such a powerful Reiki Master as Anne, what has taken me years to uncover about my chakras, Anne noticed in only a few seconds. I was amazed to see how repeated dreams that I had as a child, were linked to deep seeded issues from past lives. We decided together that the best next step would be to do a past life regression session. Which brought so much healing and release. I am a sensitive person, and the healing that Anne and her team of angels and Ascendant Masters brought me was incredibly worth while. I highly recommend Anne, she is a healer of I believe over 30 different modalities, the plants in her house grow towards her and not the sun from the window. She is amazing, and as you open your mind, body and soul up to vibrationally healing and ascending she can be a huge help on your journey that could propel you forward on your journey to your truest self. Thanks Anne for all the help, looking forward to seeing you again next month. Brittany Pinto Pearson.

I have been dealing with some degeneration of the bones in my hip, also causing some severe pain in my back and leg. If it wasn't for the Aura Bliss I wouldn't be sleeping at all. Two straight nights sleep thanks to that miracle jar. Thank you so much for the help. Shelly.

I have been using the Tattoo Butter and not only has it healed faster than any of my other tattoos but there will be no touch ups do to scarring required and the colour is vibrant. There will be a picture of it posted on the Healing With Anne Facebook page. Bob.

The pictures below are before and after pictures sitting beside 2 computers and channeling energy into my solar plexus. As you can see, the energy pushed back the radiation in less than a minute!

Treatments are $60 plus GST. I also teach courses. Prices vary. My lineage in Usui Reiki is 12th in line including Dr Usui himself!

My phone number is 587-889-2543. Call, text, FB message ( Anne Theresa Clarke ), or email me at to make an appointment. /Anne

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