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Feelings of Unworthiness

12,000 to 13,000 years ago in Atlantis, St Germain and several Atlanteans called "The Inspirers" left Atlantis main area and began helping those of lower vibration (that were used as slaves by tose of higher vibration, the elite as such), to raise their vibration. This was shortly before the fall, the deluge, where Atlantis took a dive failing to return to the surface.

We knew that if we raised their vibration, a friend could help them ascend along with the higher vibration citizens. In excitement, a person innocently told the wrong people about our work. Back then we needed certain chemicals, a specific crystal, and Shamballa energy to raise the vibrations.

With the energy from the Central Sun added to the Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, both being energies that are channeled through me now, neither the chemicals nor the crystal are necessary at this time to help raise people's vibration) .

These "wrong people" stole the crystal and stopped us in our tracks. What resulted was possibly millions of people thinking that we deemed them unworthy. That was not the case.

Some of those people are incarnated at this time, some are discarnate. It is like someone turned on a light switch in this lifetime. Some of this got caught up in DNA, some in Chakras. As we use more strands of DNA it is being activated as well. That is not to say that using more DNA is a negative thing, just that these feelings of unworthiness came with that.

Now St Germain, along with several other Masters, works through me.

It is time to heal this!

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